#CNF Episode 13—Greg Hanlon on the Audacity of Voice and the Value of Struggle

Written by Brendan O’Meara

“Putting in the work is confidence building.” —Greg Hanlon

“You struggle and struggle until the end product comes close to your original expectation. It’s all about the struggle.” —Greg Hanlon

Greg Hanlon is a crime editor at People Magazine and also a freelance sports writer. His piece “Sins of the Preacher” was anthologized in the Best American Sports Writing 2015 edition. His “The Many Crimes of Mel Hall” was a notable selection.

That’s called a hell of a run!

In this conversation we hit up a lot nuts and bolts and also what Greg looks for in a story before he goes all in.

He’s a pro. Here are links to Greg’s work:

Sins of the Preacher

The Many Crimes of Mel Hall

The Sordid End of David Meggett

And, of course, the link to the episode as well as the media player. What a world!

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