Hashtag #CNF Episode 12—Sarah Einstein on writing an other-person-centric memoir, Jane Eyre, and Count Chocula

Sarah Einstein, author of "Mot: A Memoir"
Sarah Einstein, author of “Mot: A Memoir”

Written by Brendan O’Meara

“I never imagined that I would write this book. I never imagined actually that I could write any book. The idea of book-length work terrified me.” —Sarah Einstein

“I believe you have to give memory time to mellow and age and become a narrative.” —Sarah Einstein

Man, it takes me a long time to get out new episodes, but I hope it’s worth the wait (assuming, of course, you’ve been waiting…Humor me, would you?). I upgraded to a pro account so that means I have a financial incentive to pump out more episodes!

I also forget how long it takes to edit and throw together show notes. Hey, it’s a fun hobby and like I’ve said before, it’s an excuse for me to talk shop with writers I admire and maybe writers you’ve never heard of. You can say you knew them when they were on that little #CNF podcast. Like Carrie Hagen or Joe DePaulo.

Here I’ve got Sarah Einstein, author of Mot: A Memoir, a book that explores the friendship between Sarah and a homeless, mentally ill man named Mot (Tom backwards). He’s a brilliant, fascinating, resourceful man and an unlikely source of stability for Sarah during this period of her life.

In any case here’s the streaming player and notes from the show:

People mentioned:

Kevin Oderman
Dinty Moore
Sara Pritchard
Maggie Messitt

Books Mentioned:

Safekeeping and Three-Dog Life by Abigail Thomas
Two or Three Things I Know for Sure by Dorothy Allison
The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
Jane Erye by Charlotte Bronte

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