#CNF Episode 13—Greg Hanlon on the Audacity of Voice and the Value of Struggle

Written by Brendan O’Meara

“Putting in the work is confidence building.” —Greg Hanlon

“You struggle and struggle until the end product comes close to your original expectation. It’s all about the struggle.” —Greg Hanlon

Greg Hanlon is a crime editor at People Magazine and also a freelance sports writer. His piece “Sins of the Preacher” was anthologized in the Best American Sports Writing 2015 edition. His “The Many Crimes of Mel Hall” was a notable selection. Continue reading “#CNF Episode 13—Greg Hanlon on the Audacity of Voice and the Value of Struggle”

DePaolo’s “Son of a Game”

Written by Brendan O’Meara

Joe DePaolo writes great long form profiles in the same vein as Wright Thompson, maybe the best narrative sports writer in the genre today. DePaolo returns to SB Nation profiling the son of Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in Major League Baseball history. His son, as if it weren’t hard enough living in his father’s shadow, is also named Mariano. And he’s also a pitcher, but he’s a starting pitcher.


The younger Rivera pitches for Iona. He’s a decent pitcher. He’s got potential but he’s not the type guarantee Stephen Strasberg was when he came out of college. What’s most attractive about Rivera is his pedigree.

The piece delves into the burden the son bears while always being in comparison to his father. So long as he continues to pitch, he will always be in his father’s shadow. He’s trying to forge ahead and prove he’s his own man.

It’s a great piece. Go check it out. Also, check out DePaolo’s profile on jockey Gary Stevens from a year ago.