Episode 94—Finding Clarity with Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson, author of “Finding Clarity,” came by the show to fire you up.

By Brendan O’Meara

Tweetables from Kevin Wilson (@KWBaseball):

“If you have something good to share, share it!” 

“In order to go fast, you’ve gotta be slow.”

“How much to you value [solitude] as part of your craft?”

Kevin Wilson, president of KWBaseball, is back for another at-bat here on The Creative Nonfiction Podcast, the show where I talk to the best artists about telling true stories. 

His first trip around the bases dealt with his #Goodbatting book. His latest book is Finding Clarity: A Mindful Look into the Art of Hitting and it’s about way more than hitting. As Kevin says, it helps you find your “why,” your purpose, so you can attack you craft with intentionality and maybe have a greater impact on those around you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How he found his “why”
  • Listening
  • Strengths vs. Weaknesses
  • Failure
  • And Slowing Down to go Faster

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Now enjoy Kevin Wilson…

Episode 58—Get 1% Better with Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro, Brendan O'Meara
Joe Ferraro is the host of The 1% Better Podcast.

By Brendan O’Meara

Tweetables by Joe Ferraro (@FerraroOnAir):

“We need to be shipping more than worrying about the details.”

“Nothing upsets me more than when someone says, ‘I’m too busy.'”

“You’ll hear young learners say, ‘How did you get so good at that?’ And the answer almost always is practice and reps.”

“I’m still trying to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

“I’m a person who learns an unbelievable amount by talking things out.”

“Who are the people in your damn neighborhood?”

“The art and science of conversation and interviewing is intoxicating.”

Hey, it’s The Creative Nonfiction Podcast (please leave a review!) where I speak with the world’s best writers, freelancers, interviewers, authors, and documentary filmmakers about why and how they go about creating works of nonfiction and how YOU can apply what they do to your work.

Today’s guest is Joe Ferraro (@FerraroOnAir on Twitter), the fourth Joe I’ve had on the podcast (Joe DePaulo, Joe Drape, Joe Donahue, and now Joe Ferraro). Need a Josephine…anyway…

So who’s Joe Ferraro? He’s a teacher and a learner, but above all he’s a leader. He just started a podcast: The 1% Better Podcast. His tagline is Conversations designed to help you get 1% Better. It’s aimed at gradual, continual, rigorous—though not overwhelming—personal improvement.

“If we’re talking about hard work, it’s about squeezing out more of the day,” says Joe. “Nothing upsets me more than when someone says ‘I’m too busy.’”

Joe talks about his allergy for negative people, finding ways to challenge himself, and how after teaching for 20 years, he feels like his best years are still ahead of him. He’s the type of guy that inspires you to take action. He also talks about how he met his good pal Kevin Wilson, who you may recall from Episode 32.

Be sure to reach out to Joe on Twitter and subscribe to his podcast right away. Whether it’s listening to world class leader Ryan Hawk or how to make the best cold brew coffee, the art of thinking and redefining a restaurant, The 1% Better Podcast will open your eyes to where you can add value to you life and those around you.