Praise for the Podcast from Listeners!

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Here’s what listeners had to say:

[Five stars] by Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Amazing interviews with an inspirational writer. Love his book recommendations and his viewpoint of the challenges of writing Creative Nonfiction.

Insight on writer’s routines, process struggles by RGA77

Recently started listening after a friend was on the show only to realize that Brendan asks great questions: about writers, writing and the writing process, the way writing fits into a life, makes a life, gets done despite life. His opening questions are some of the best I’ve heard on the topic of creative nonfiction, but where he excels is in the insightful followup, which really get at the ins and outs of how writers compel a project from conception to completion.

My new favorite podcast by Bebitis

I write memoir and when a friend recommended this podcast I gave it a try. Well, I’m hooked. I often don’t know the authors or artists interviewed but it doesn’t matter. Brendan always chooses interesting people, keeps the question down to earth, and very relevant for anybody looking for learnings and inspiration. He’s got a fun style, is genuinely curious and knows how to listen. As a result he gets honest and detailed answers, which always teach me something, even if it’s just that I’m not alone in this business of toiling and sweating to unearth a grain of truth.

This one’s avoided my delete! A keeper by inkmuster

The only surviving writing-related podcasts in my playlist (I have little patience for wasting time with chatty podcast hosts or those constantly giggle at the inside jokes—both of which this podcast does NOT have), CNFP always entertains and surprises. I love the working creatives Brendan interviews that feel more reachable and connect to my world better than podcasts interviewing big names. His guests are the passionate, in-the-trenches creatives and it never fails that I get inspired each episodes in the some unexpected way. I have to take a ¼ star off, however, for the riff used as segue music. Not my thing, but then, that’s not the thing I’m there to listen for!

Great for me and my podcasting students by Meredith May

Real conversations among professional writers about the essence of craft. A behind the scenes look at the way stories come together, from inception to publication, that doesn’t shy away from the truth about the difficulties and triumphs of making a living from words. One of the hardest concepts for my podcasting students to grasp is how to differential between a story and a topic—this podcast helps them find that X factor that makes a story sing.