The Dawning of a New Ear … I Mean Era

Written by Brendan O’Meara

So here’s the deal. I’m moving all operations to this website, the blog, whatever commerce I have, everything! Toda el mundo, amigos!

Why, you ask? It just makes sense. That’s the short answer, but I have a feeling you want me to keep going and who I am to deny my fans (thanks, Mom)? Picture an amusement park, a successful one, not Euro Disney or Euro Itchy and Scratchy Land. For years now I have had my “writing” blog on blogger (still there, hanging out in the ether), but you’d have to hop all around from here to there to Twitter to Facebook, blibbity, blah, blibbity. Now, with the Blog Itself—The Blog of Author Brendan O’Meara—right here and all my other vital links right here, there’s no reason to move. If you want to buy a book. Boom! Buy a book (and keep your eyes peeled for wacky and wild deals, 2 for the price 1? It could happen and this is the only place—save for a book signing—where you can get it personally inscribed). You want to read my bio (this will become more interesting). Boom! You get the picture. It’s all going to be here, your one-stop shop for all the things you’ve come to love.

So what do you say? You excited as I am? Oh, c’mon, I know you are.

2 thoughts on “The Dawning of a New Ear … I Mean Era”

  1. Glad to follow you here, Brendan. But what are we gonna do when Google kills iGoogle. I am majorly bummed by my blog-feed page being killed. Have you looked into options? Could you blog about it?

  2. Thanks for following me over here. Keeping things consolidated. I’ll look into that iGoogle and see what I can draft.

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