Day 7: The Screen

Hey, Friends,

I’m always very motivated like right before I go to bed.

Yet when I wake up, the idea of turning on the screen is abhorrent and I want nothing to do with it. It’s blinding. It takes two minutes to boot up. I could be sleeping. The dogs kept me up all night scratching and licking God knows what.

I’m also motivated around mid-morning, but by then I’m usually tied up with the Day Job and say I’ll do it tomorrow. This is lizard-brain stuff, the stuff of resistance.

I do the work in the morning, with a pencil and a yellow notepad, but sometimes in my journal (on a lunch break, while I’m waiting to pick up Mrs. Bread Winner from the train). Paper is easy on the eyes and when the pencil goes from sharp to dull you know you’ve done the work.


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PS—New podcast should be coming soon. It’s been challenging lining up guests. Some have been difficult to reach. Others the timing has been off. It’s coming. Thanks for listening. There’s 20 episodes to learn from!

PPS—Share with a friend. Share with your networks. Only if you think it helps.