A Lesson in Marketing: The Perfect Book Launch


Written by Brendan O’Meara

I’ve written much about Tim Ferriss’s new book and the subsequent drama surrounding the 4-Hour Chef. (To get caught up, read here for a summation).

Ferriss has 1.2 million blog visits a month, so you might think he doesn’t need to do much by way of book promotion. With that many followers, you figure his book is spoon fed into the mouths of his readers. You might also figure he doesn’t have to lay out a marketing blitz on par with war-time propaganda. But you’d be wrong. Just read this post.

You most likely said, ‘I had no idea how little I was doing for my own work.’ If Ferriss is hitting that many outlets with the reach he has, what should the writer who has 15 blog and 300 Twitter followers do? That’s what I call on ‘Oh, shit’ moment.

Now Ferriss is in a unique position in that everyone wants a piece of him. He’s in demand. He drives traffic to their publications, blogs, and websites. How can you be like him? Simply put, what are you going to do for them? What’s in it for them?

You need to reach out to as many blogs as possible and as you reach out to them, you need to put your request in terms of them. How will your book promotion benefit them in some way. It’s a two-way street. A common mistake is to think people will take you on just because you have a new book. Maybe they will if they’re feeling charitable. How rare is that?

The takeaway from the Ferriss Book Launch is two-fold:

1. Vast reach
2. Two-way street

Hope this helps!


Goliath vs. Goliath: Tim Ferriss vs. Barnes and Noble


Written by Brendan O’Meara

Author and life hacker Tim Ferriss knows a thing or two about self promotion and he needs every iota of that skill to get his latest and possibly most exciting book—The 4-Hour Chef—into the hands and e-readers of the public.

It would be made easier if Barnes and Noble planned on stocking the book. But they’re going Ghandi and hunger striking this “cook book”. Why? Ferriss’ publisher is Amazon. Correction. Ferriss’ publisher is AMAZON!

Barnes and Noble is willing to concede the profits Ferriss’ best-seller-bound book will generate in an attempt to sink Amazon’s publishing ship. Yeah, Amazon published Penny Marshall’s memoir (which has tanked), but if she’s a revolver, Ferriss is Amazon’s atomic bomb. If there were ever an author equipped to give the middle finger to the establishment it’s Ferriss and he will need to summon other-worldly skills to get this book sold.

And just look at what he’s doing. First, check out this book trailer (a great 20th-century tactic authors need to adopt for promotion) and tell me you don’t want to buy the book.

His blog gets 1.2 million visitors a month and it’s all free content. His platform is the type that makes agents drool and others like me very, very envious. He uses it for fun. Homeboy has earned it and I’m rooting for him. Penguin and Random House became a—pardon the expression—Frankenpublisher in an attempt to go Moth vs. Godzilla. We’ll see. My money is on the giant dinosaur stomping Japanese skyscrapers.

Ferriss is a tactician and I think that while he’s miffed by the boycott, he’s excited by the challenge of using his Major League talent at promoting himself to stick it to the establishment.

Big time pitchers like to face big time hitters and by boycotting Ferriss, Barnes and Nobel better brace itself for a 100+ MPH fastball it won’t ever be able to catch up to.

And, by the way, here’s another bullet in his chamber.